Woman files complaint over illegal transfer of assets

Tura, Jun 6: The wife of a businessman from Dalu, Niranjan Saha (Niku), has filed a police complaint against him after he allegedly transferred assets belonging to her.
Barshilla N Sangma, a resident of Dapgre in Dalu, registered the complaint against her husband, who apparently left her in 2020, after most of her assets and properties were illegally transferred by Saha. Earlier a legal notice had been sent seeking answers from Saha over his actions, most of which he denied doing.
Sangma allegedly even changed the registration of vehicles from his wife’s name to his own and that of his son from an earlier marriage. It is alleged that all this was done illegally after forging documents and signatures of his wife as well as those of the DTO.
“A vehicle registration cannot be changed if it is in the same state but he forged my signatures and got those transferred without the requisite papers. The engine and chassis numbers of these vehicles are the same,” Sangma said.
The complainant, who was a teacher earlier, got into contract works, getting work from the PWD and Water Resource departments from the state. With time she began to acquire vehicles that were not only used for her contract works but also for hire. These vehicles were all in her name. It included Pik – Up trucks, trucks, JCB’s and private vehicles.
As per the FIR filed on June 2, Saha had run away from Sangma’s house in October 2020 but had taken many vehicle papers with him. These he allegedly later fraudulently transferred to his and his relatives’ names.
“He has taken many of these vehicles to Krishnai in Assam’s Goalpara where he has mischievously removed tyres, batteries to ensure it cannot be brought back to Dalu,” Sangma added in the FIR.
Sangma added that prior to changing the registration numbers, Saha had gone to Nagaland to get the ownership changed without any NOC from her. He later got the vehicles transferred at Resubelpara in North Garo Hills. Saha apparently got an affidavit signed by the notary in Goalpara stating that the vehicles belong to him.
She also referred to Garo customs wherein all properties acquired during a marriage belonged to the wife, with only those acquired by the husband before marriage belonging to the man. Terming Saha’s actions as ‘theft’ Sangma is now seeking action in this regard.
Sangma further alleged that an amount of over Rs 1.35 crores was fraudulently transferred by Saha from her account, with an amount of Rs 65 lakhs being the first tranche for work on an MBT road in Siju. Another Rs 70 lakhs was transferred with the help of Saha’s then manager, Dulal Mohanta through blank cheques that were signed by Barshilla herself.
“When I began to question his intentions, he became furious and caused me immense misery, even going to the extent of filing a false case against me,” said Sangma.