Zenith accuses PA Sangma of misleading Garos

Shillong, Sept 17: Opposition Congress legislator from Rangsakona Zenith M Sangma has blamed the former veteran political leader (L) Purno Agitok Sangma of misleading the people of Garo Hills on the issue of the Meghalaya Board of School Education (MBOSE).
Addressing media persons, Zenith said, “Our very prominent politician who is no more now Late PA Sangma, he tried to do malicious campaign by infusing some political conspiracy into this misleading the people of Garo Hills (by) going to the nooks and corners of Garo Hills that look this MBOSE, the headquarter of MBOSE has been shifted to Shillong (and that) the government has snatched away our share so we should fight tooth and nail to stop this – that was the incitement and infusing words of conspiracy to the people for nothing they were organized and with malafide intention few vested interest people and criminals also among the crowds created this problem.”
He said it was very unfortunate that 9 precious lives were lost during the incident while asserting the need for one to understand and actually know how it happened.
The MLA was reacting to the statement made by the member from Phulbari constituency SG Estamur Mominin regarding the MBOSE police firing incident while participating in the short duration discussion on the failure of governance in the state during the last day of the Assembly’s autumn session.
There was also a heated argument between Zenith and Williamnagar MLA Marcuise N Marak on the issue.
“Every time they (ruling) are trying to misinform and play politics on this issue,” Zenith said while adding, “Therefore, I just want to clarify and to caution them not to play politics on this and to put an end to this issue as there have been judicial inquiry into this and completed – all the reports are available. Frankly speaking, what is the genesis (of the issue), these people they don’t know, they didn’t read the report of the state level committee constituted to study on how to go about to revamp and strengthen the board of school education, the headquarter of which is in Tura.”
He said when Dr Mukul Sangma was looking after education that time, an exercise was done to revamp and strengthen MBOSE.
“Before that, in the principal Act, headquarter of the MBOSE was not mentioned in black and white but after this exercise it was inserted that the headquarter of MBOSE will be located at Tura,” the Rangsakona legislator said adding that it was a big achievement for the people who are demanding and scared that MBOSE might be shifted or bifurcated.
“And that time prior to this restructuring and revamping of this MBOSE, there was only secretary MBOSE who did not have complete executive power and the chairman of MBOSE happen to be commissioner & secretary of education and board meeting could not be held in Tura, it was always held in Shillong,” he further claimed.
According to him, now all these things were revamped and restructured because of the achievement of the then government.